Chocolate Baked Einkorn Doughnuts |

Okay, so I have a little confession to make. I love doughnuts. Yes, I’ve made them the old fashioned way at home before, but let me tell you, they do take a bit of time to make and sometimes this mama needs something that she can make quickly or off to Dunkin’ it is. Just keeping it real ;) Now that we’re in the midst of homeschool, the kids and I, often have to leave the house early for co-op, exploration days, or field trips so I’m always on the lookout for simple baked recipes that we can take to go.

One of my specialties is making applesauce muffins since they’re a breeze to pull together in the morning; however, I’ve recently started noticing more and more doughnut recipes coming through my Pinterest feed. What’s made me dig deeper into these recipes is that they are not at all yeast doughnuts that need to be fried, but instead batter doughnuts that are baked in around 10-15 minutes. Now that was something I wanted to give a try! To make things even better, Craftsy offers a FREE downloadable Delicious Doughnut Recipes eGuide that got me started right away.

Chocolate Baked Einkorn Doughnuts |

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Field Trips Made Simple and Healthy With Half Time! |

I’m excited to partner with Applegate this month. They are another company built on integrity that I am honored to support and share about.

Hey friends, I know I’ve been a bit quiet here since the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. I’m still trying to catch up on both rest and work, so bare with me as I’m also educating my tribe at home :)

In talking about homeschooling, I can’t believe we’re already into week 4. It’s wild how quickly these past few weeks have gone by. We’re finally getting into a routine and happily finding a groove that’s working for us. It’s been interesting, to say the least, in schooling two children all the while trying to keep up with a rambunctious toddler that needs busy work or can whirl herself into a flying tornado getting into anything and everything.

Although it sounds like it can be a bit insane (and it can be), I wouldn’t trade these days for the world. Besides the academics and being able to witness my children learn and grasp new concepts everyday, what I most love is seeing them grow in Jesus. Everyday we start in prayer and with a small bible study. Big Brother has been asking big questions lately about God and who he really is. He’s beginning to question his beliefs and together, we’ve been able to find truth and answer in His word.

Some days leave me absolutely frightened that my little boy is growing up. That he’ll soon be coming to an age where he will have to make up his own mind as to what he truly believes in. Yet, on other days, my heart is filled with one thousand more as I see a glimmer, a sparkle, from the depth of my sons eyes to the understanding of a God that loved us so much that he gave his only begotten son. This past week, Big Brother asked if I could explain to him communion and then wanted to partake himself. On a typical Tuesday morning, we took time out of school to remember Jesus and the sacrifice he made for us … just me and my boys. It was awesome and a huge confirmation from God that homeschooling is where he wants me fully, right now.

To me, this is why I homeschool – to make God real in the lives of my children. Sure academics and their immediate future is important to me, but their forever future, the one that comes after this is where I am investing most of my time in. I’m not sure their path that will end up to be, but I do have this time, this bit of smallness to make them see a big and loving God. So, I’ll do the best that I can.

September 3rd was our official first day of school.

Field Trips Made Simple and Healthy With Half Time! |

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Transform Your Garden Design |

I have been very excited to share with you about a new partnership that I have developed with Craftsy!  I know what you may be thinking, “Diana, what in the world does your blog have to do with Craftsy!”

I know, trust me, I wish I had some time to jump into their knitting or sewing classes but wait, check it out, Craftsy has cooking and gardening classes! Did you know that? I was certainly delighted when I found out especially after seeing the names of some of the people teaching the classes. These are no everyday people folks, I’m talking about well known chefs and authors leading up these classes. Their gardening classes are put together just as well.

Over the next few months, I’m going to share with you some of my favorite classes over at Craftsy. I can’t even tell you how excited I am that I get to take some of these classes as well!

Transform Your Garden Design

Transform Your Garden Design |

Today, I wanted to share you with a FREE gardening class that you can take called, Transform Your Garden Design. This class is taught by landscape designer and author, Rebecca Sweet.

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A Grace Filled Approach to Healthy Living |

Hey friends! Well, today is the last and final day that you can purchase the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle. I know the times goes by fast, doesn’t it?

As a reminder, for the ridiculously low price of just $29.97 (for the PDF version) or $39.97 (for the eReader version), you can get access to a carefully curated collection of eBooks and eCourses with a total combined value of $1,030.

This bundle contains a wealth of information from the very finest healthy living writers out there and also included in this bundle are FREE products from healthy living companies with a value of over $200! Also, as an EXCLUSIVE bonus from My Humble Kitchen, if you purchase the ultimate healthy living bundle today, through my website, I’m going to throw in a free 3 month subscription to my menu plan valued at $24.99! Since this is an EXCLUSIVE bonus for the My Humble Kitchen community, you must email me your receipt after you make a purchase through one of my links to

Click here for more info or to buy now.

A Grace Filled Approach to Healthy Living

A Grace Filled Approach to Healthy Living |

Last evening I was able to host an amazing facebook party on the 25 Day Grace Filled Journey to Real Food facebook group. It was a BLAST! There were a lot of items being given away and fun being had by all; however, one of the things I found out about the bundle is that many of you were feeling a bit overwhelmed by all of the content.

Today, I wanted to share with you a grace filled approach to healthy living! A step-by-step approach to doing what’s best for your family.

First of all, I really think it’s neat what Ultimate Bundles team has put together for all of you that do end up purchasing a bundle. Check out the image above. That’s the getting started section of your download portal on the ultimate bundles website. It contains a video and various pdf’s to cater to where you are at on your healthy living journey. The guide is fantastic and does a wonderful job of making sure you do not get overwhelmed with all of the content available.

Second, I want to encourage you to not look and think about reading all of the eBooks right away. Instead, look at all of the topics included in the Ultimate Healthy Living Bundles and decide which 2-3 areas you would like to focus on. Then, find one book in each of those topics, and read them, digest them, work from them. For me, this wouldn’t happen in a week but would probably take me a month or two to really work from. Take the time to truly grasp the information before moving onto more books and more topics. I feel that if you work in this way, you won’t be overwhelmed and in just a couple months you’ll have furthered your own healthy living journey in a positive way.

Here’s my plan of attack. I personally want to increase my knowledge in…

That’s it. That’s all I’m going to focus on. If I can come out of this winter knowing much more about herbal remedies, essential oils, and how to build my soil for next spring…I’ll be one happy mama. The rest of the eBooks and eCourses, I’ll download and set aside for when I have time. Usually in the depth of winter, I find more reading time ;)

That’s my grace filled approach to healthy living. One step at a time!

So, don’t look at the bundle and get overwhelmed but know that you’ll find such a wealth of information that you’ll be able to use for many years to come!

Remember, today is your final day to order this amazing healthy living library at such an amazing price!!

Click here for more info or to buy now.

Remember, this bundle only available until  11:59 p.m. (EST) tonight, September 15th!!

Disclosure: I have included affiliate links in this post. Read the fine print about this bundle and read the answers to frequently asked questions about the bundle.

Drink This To Calm Your Anxiety Quickly and Naturally |

Late last evening, after having spent a long day with the children, I could start to sense that my chest was starting to feel heavy. I wanted to start reaching for deep breaths, but reminded myself that I am okay, that I need not fear, and that after just a couple more songs and prayers I would have my own time of rest.

This is my daily battle. I’ve finally come to acknowledge that I have an anxiety disorder.

It’s hard to write that. It’s hard to admit that. I honestly don’t know how it started and at the same time I do. I wrote about my first anxiety attack here, over a year ago. Since that day, the anxiety within me has been like a rolling wave, making its way over an endless ocean.

Sometimes I feel like I’ve swam through the current making my way to the top of it… and feel, at peace. Then, somehow the rain pounds on me, from above, and I come crashing down, drowning, left without breath.

This cycle has ensued for the better part of a year. Up and down, up and down, up and down. I’ve visited the emergency room 2 times over the past year, thinking that there had to be something physically wrong with me. I’ve had physical symptoms from breathlessness, sharp pains in my back, chest, arms, jaw, and dizziness. I’ve had tingling sensations in my head, hands and fingers. You name it, I’ve had it.

I just couldn’t believe that these symptoms could have been caused by my anxiety. I wouldn’t accept that. To me, in my mind, it had to be something else. A heart attack…cancer. After about the first 8 months of having my first anxiety attack, I started slipping into a depression and didn’t realize it.

I woke up looking forward to go back to bed. For me, it was the only time of day that I could rest. In my sleep, I didn’t feel any symptoms and I could breathe normally, without thinking about it. I wasn’t having anxiety attacks every day, it was just the dreaded symptoms of my anxiety that kept my mind thinking all day long what could possibly be wrong with me.

I know this sounds completely crazy for those of you that have never suffered from something like this, but for me, it was very real.

Praise God, I have two amazing sisters in my life. They are both social workers, and one of my sisters was working towards a masters in therapy. They have dealt with a lot of mental disorders. Yeah, crazy I’m even writing that. One day my sister was facetiming me from California. She could see my eyes glassed over, that my thoughts weren’t on our conversation but on me. I think it was at this time, she went into therapy mode. I didn’t realize what she was doing but in our talk, I finally broke down and told her that I could not deal with this on my own anymore. With tears streaming down my face, I felt the tension just release from my soul.

For the first time in a long time, I felt better in finally acknowledging that I needed help.

It has since been 7 months since that talk with my sister and I’m by no means, “cured.” I am getting through my days though, joyfully. I can honestly say that it’s only been since the last couple of months that I’ve felt the best that I have in a long time.

This anxiety thing is so complicated. There’s so much to it and it effects people in so many different ways. For me, I’ve finally had to get it through my head that I suffer anxiety and had to realize that when I start feeling certain symptoms, that that’s all that it is. My bodies nervous system is off and I’m very sensitive to any slight sensation that runs through my body.

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Good Morning, Friends!

Today is the day! The Ultimate Healthy Living Bundle is live and I couldn’t be more proud to be an author in this years sale! As usual, the ultimate bundles team outdid themselves once again. Seriously, if you’ve ever needed help to jumpstart your life to healthy living, this is the bundle to own!

After today’s introductory post, I’m going to highlight a few of my favorite resources included; however, before I get to that later this week, I do want you to notice the eBooks and eCourse included on essential oils. I know with the outbreak of the enterovirus e68, many people are trying to be proactive by adhering to a strict diet of real food including probiotics, cod liver oil, and then by using essential oils to ward off this nasty virus. But where do you start with essential oils, right?

Take heed, this sale includes…

  1. Essentials of Essential Oils, How to Use Essential Oils for Beginners by Rachel Ramey
  2. An Essential Oils and Natural Health eCourse by Vintage Remedies

These two resources will help you on your way to using essential oils for health. I can’t wait to dig into both of them myself.

As usual, if you purchase a bundle through my link I will also offer you an exclusive deal of my own!!

EXCLUSIVE 3 Month Menu Plan Subscription… FREE!

Special to the My Humble Kitchen community, if you purchase the ultimate homemaking bundle this week, through my website, I’m going to throw in a free 3 month subscription to my menu plan valued at $24.99!  Since this is an EXCLUSIVE bonus for the My Humble Kitchen community, you must email me your receipt after you make a purchase through one of my links to

Now, let’s learn a bit about the bundle, shall we?!

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