Sweepstakes Winners To Spain in Iowa’s Traditional Menu Plan on A Budget

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It’s been just over a month since I’ve launched Spain in Iowa’s Traditional Menu Plan on a Budget.

It’s been a lot of hard work but seeing the fruit has been completely worth it.  It makes me so happy to see many families excited to see their families enjoying real food including vegetables that they’ve never had before.

Check out what this subscriber recently left me on the Spain in Iowa facebook page,

Since I made GF flour tortillas right before I started I had no problem using them because they were still warm in a tea towel. It made me feel good when my hubby told me it smelled like a restaurant when I was cooking! (: Needless to say, happy tummies, no leftovers, except for pinto beans which we ate up for lunch today. Plus I still have two cups to cook which will be used Friday in the tacos. Also, I have 4 cups of beef broth w the veggies in the fridge for a double recipe of the Winter Chili and 8 happy cups of beef broth in the freezer! And though it’s not on the dinner menu, I am making chicken broth! Diana, you don’t know what you started here! THANK YOU!!!

Now that’s just awesome and what the plan is all about!  Real, good food, that brings joy, comfort, and nourishment to the family table.

If you’re interested in checking out the menu, remember that after subscribing the first two weeks are free!  It gives you a chance to see if the plan will work for your family.

Affiliate Plan

I’ve recently launched an affiliate plan for the menu.  If you’d like to be an affiliate for Spain in Iowa’s Traditional Menu Plan on a Budget, click here.


Soon, I’ll be providing a FREE menu plan as a subscriber to Spain in Iowa’s email list.  If you’d like to make sure you receive it, sign up on the sidebar to the right.

Annual Subscriber Giveaway Winners

Congratulations to

  • Diana Stephens
  • Dani Freeman
  • Alicia Ambler

Please contact me within the next 24 hours to be subscribed to Spain in Iowa’s Traditional Menu Plan on a Budget.

Again, if you’d like to check out the plan for yourself, Subscribe Now!

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  1. 4HungryBunnies says:

    Sign up everyone! It’s such a blessing! (:

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