Homeschool Lunches Made Simple #recipe via

Let’s Do Lunch: Homeschool Lunches Made Simple and Giveaway!

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Remy's Ratatouille. A healthy meal made by kids because yes, anyone can cook! |

Anyone Can Cook: Remy’s Ratatouille

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Well, today is the big day. Big brother headed off to Spain bright and early this morning with Big Cousin and Papa. I shared a bit last week how him traveling abroad, so far away, was going to be difficult for me; however, something great happened last night. Late last evening as Big Brother and I were packing up his […]

So Your Child Doesn't Like Their Food... Don't Stress it Mama, Here's Why! |

So Your Child Doesn’t Like Their Food, Don’t Stress It!

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Just a couple of days ago, I was in my kitchen quietly chopping a bit of cilantro and diced onions for our chorizo tacos that my family would be eating for supper that evening. I walked over to the refrigerator as Little Brother made his way into the kitchen and watched me pull out a black avocado […]