italian drip beef tongue

An Odd Bit Recipe: Italian Drip Made with Beef Tongue

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Written by Mare of Just Making Noise Out of all the “Odd Bits”, I really think that heart and tongue are actually the best choices for first-timers. I know, I know… you are thinking I am crazy, but hear me out. The heart is a muscle and can be used just like any other part […]

An Odd Bit Recipe: Sweet Marrow Custard (Flan) with a Mango Jam

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We’ve been celebrating Odd Bits at Spain in Iowa this month by sharing recipes and stories starring nutrient dense variety cuts and offal pieces. Offal (organ meats), not awful. Over the past couple of generations, we’ve slowly pushed aside organ meats and other odd bits of the animal by the way side.  Really, it’s a […]