Savoring  A Fleeting Season |

Right now, I’m savoring the moments.

This fleeting season that rips past me like a cyclone whirls through the sky.

Savoring A Fleeting Season |

It seems that every day there’s a choice to be made.

For as I’ve learned time and time again, saying yes to one thing means saying no to another.

Savoring A Fleeting Season |

In exchange for crisp and fermented radish pods, I stood still to watch a twinkle in my little one’s eye’s as he stood daydreaming of ramps so high.

Or the beet and radish tops that needed to be whirled into savory pesto,

Savoring A Fleeting Season |

well, I fed them to the chickens and instead focused my heart on a shadow that, in the turn of a corner, would soon be shaped much differently.

There’s overgrown weeds to be pulled, crinkled clothes to be folded, but this summer, this season in life, is one.


So for a moment, we slow down.

Savoring A Fleeting Season |

To be a part of something much bigger than ourselves, but of a community that relies on the gentle touch of one another.


To stop and say hi… take in a conversation that means neither this nor that but warms a spirit and wakes one’s soul.

Savoring A Fleeting Season |

Yes, there are homeschool lessons to be planned, a fall garden to be started, and a harvest to kept, but for one moment, for one season…

I chose now.

Are you savoring your summer? Please share with us some of the ways you’ve been enjoying this fleeting season.

Diana is a mother of three, proud wife, and humbled daughter of God. She finds the most joy meeting with Jesus in her organic gardens. She is completely blessed to be able to call herself a stay at home mom where she home educates her children, joyfully serves her husband, and cooks nourishing, real food, for her family. She loves connecting with people on facebook, google+, pinterest, and instagram.

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