About Diana

Welcome to My Humble Kitchen, I’m Diana.

Diana Bauman | myhumblekitchen.com

I’m the main voice around here – a real foodie at heart … built on grace. My Humble Kitchen is a personal blog where I pour my passion into teaching other families lessons in cooking food that have been passed down to me from my family in Spain.  I share simple, economical, lessons in cooking whole foods, grown in season, that taste phenomenal and nourish our bodies at the same time.

I’ve built My Humble Kitchen around my family food life.

Family is very important to me so I include my children in gardening and cooking so that one day they’ll understand the importance of stewardship and learn life long skills that they’ll carry with them for generations to come.


My family, we’re urban homesteaders, living in the Midwest, that have chosen to live simply.


By living simply, I’m able to stay at home where I home educate my children, joyfully serve my husband, and cook simple food to nourish my family.

The food that my family consumes is very important to me. We do our best to eat nutrient dense foods that are raised and grown in a manner that God intended for them to be. In this way we can have vibrant health in order to carry on God’s calling in our lives.

My Humble Kitchen is a ministry to God. I gave this entire site to Jesus and dedicate myself to providing information to anyone hungry to learn how to grow, source, and cook real foods.