Kids In The Garden

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Kids in the Garden |

My place of peace is in my garden. 

Kids in the Garden |

When I started gardening, before my children were born, I never knew how much more joy I could find in it year after year.

It brings me that much more happiness to share my love of gardening with my children.

To see the excitement in their faces as they unearth God’s creation overfills me with joy from within.

Kids in the Garden |

To teach them first hand God’s love and how he made all of this wonderful food just for us, makes me smile.

Kids in the Garden |

From vegetables and fruits growing on vines, plants, and in the ground to chickens laying eggs for our nourishment can only have come from a perfect creator with a perfect plan.

Kids in the Garden |

After so many years of gardening, I’m still left in awe each year come harvest time as we pick an abundance of vegetables in all shapes and sizes that started from a tiny seed.

I share that wonderment with my children and explain that only a God who love us so much would have thought to leave us with even more seeds inside the fruit themselves to grow even more the following year.

Kids in the Garden |

It’s simply amazing!

Kids in the Garden |

I share that amazement with my children and make sure to involve them in the growing process so that they understand God’s work.  I want them to see that God is real and that through anything we will ever go through in this difficult life, he will always, always take care of us.

Kids in the Garden |

I’m praying that as long as they understand how God intended for food to be grown, and that it takes hard work to grow it, they’ll appreciate his creation…tend to it, care for it, and in my prayers, find him.

Kids in the Garden |

I pray that they find him.

Kids in the Garden |

It’s much too difficult to go at alone.

This is me and this is what I am – a mami that loves her children and finds peace in her garden.

Kids in the Garden |

I pray that this post encourages you to find him too. I couldn’t do this life without him. It’s too hard.

But, in him I find the contentment that I need to live this life in joy. I don’t need the world, I need him.

If you need him to, drop me a line. I’d love to pray for you!


5 Responses to "Kids In The Garden"
  1. Mary Lu says:

    It was very nice to see you and your family. Thank you for sharing. I’m trying your fermented pickle recipe.
    My first time. I’ve got sauerkraut down, we will see about pickles.

  2. Julia says:

    What a beautiful post! You are right about gardens being places to cultivate peace and joy. I have missed gardening these last two summers. We moved last summer and haven’t started one here yet. Next summer I hope and pray we can start a little raised garden like we had before.

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