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Am I ever so excited to start my first Sunday post called, My Favorite Things. I plan on sharing some of my family’s food life in pics and I’ll also be sharing with you my favorite links from around the web.

This weekend is flying by! Gabe and I were so blessed to celebrate Little Brother’s 6th birthday. Let’s just say we’re drowning in Lego’s! After the party I was able to to finish sowing and planting in my front yard garden beds. My plans for today are to finish up my back yard garden beds. I can’t wait to do that!

My Favorite Things |

Here’s a little something I shared over on instagram.

“Front yard garden beds are done! I just love to take a barren pic of my garden beds and then be able to compare it with new growth every 2-3 weeks. Your going to love this years design! In the bed nearest the street I planted corn and squash. In about 2-3 weeks I plan on planting pole beans to trellis up the corn. I can’t wait to see what that looks like! More to come for sure!”

Can you tell, I’m excited 😉

Now, here are some of my favorite links from around the web this week that I really enjoyed.

Have a blessed weekend, everyone!

5 Responses to "My Favorite Things"
  1. Megan Tietz says:

    Hi Diana!! What fun to see your favorites for the week, and I am so honored to be included! Thanks, pretty mama!

  2. Happy birthday to your little guy! And thanks so much for the shout-out, sweet friend! :) So excited to watch your garden grow! Thanks for sharing with us! xo

  3. Jackie Eldrenkamp says:

    Can’t wait to see the pole beans trellis up the corn- great idea!

  4. Dena Norton says:

    Your gardening posts are always such an inspiration to me – and thanks for including my “5 Tips to Save Money and Time in the Garden” post!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Thanks for starting a weekly favorites post. I value your opinions and ideas, so I look forward to peeks at your favorite resources. I tried planting the three sisters but only my pole beans/peas and squash/cucs came up. I think my corn seeds were eaten by a bird or critter. Rrrrggg. Had to make a trellis instead.

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