Starting Seeds Indoors |

Spring fever is in full gear! Seed Catalogs have arrived, orders have come in and it’s now time to start those seedlings. After we get through this post, explaining how to germinate your seeds, we’ll step right into tending your seeds.

Seed Starting Supplies

  • Jiffy greenhouse
  • Starting Mix
  • Seeds
  • Soil Thermometer

Before you fill your peat pots with starting mix, you will need to wet your mix with enough water to start the germination process. What I do is wet it enough so that when I squeeze the mix, some water drips out. Not soaking wet, but just damp enough.

Once the mix is wet enough, fill your peat pots and plant two seeds in each cell.

Once the pots are filled, place them in the jiffy greenhouse and put it on top of your refrigerator or any other warm spot away from a draft.  In order to germinate, the seedlings need a damp, and warm environment.

What about my extra seeds? You can freeze your extra seeds for about three years.  I simply put the seed packets into baggies, put them into an envelope and place them in my freezer.

You’ll want to leave your seedlings alone in the greenhouse until they start to sprout. Once a few have sprouted, prop the lid open and leave them until all of the seeds have sprouted.

One thing to be aware of is trying to avoid your seedlings from getting leggy.  This happens when you leave them too long during the germination stage and they start to “reach” for a light source.

As soon as all your seedlings have germinated, move them under your light source. You can then either put them in a sunny location near a window, preferably a south facing window, or you can put them under lights to start the growing process. My husband made me an awesome setup in the basement using ordinary shop lights with fluorescent bulbs.

Starting Seeds Indoors |

Next week, we’ll dive into tending your seedlings.  As I’ve learned, seedlings can be very finicky especially when your growing in your basement under lights 😉

So until then Garden Soldiers!!  Let’s Grow Our Own!!

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