Lacto-Fermentation!   On many of my recipes for fermented pickled veggies, I talk about how a sure sign of fermentation is in the bubbles and fizz that rise to the top of a canning jar as soon as you pop the lid.  The lid is usually bubbled as the jar is filled with gas and thriving Lactobacillus bacteria.  So what do I mean by fizz and bubbles?  In order to show you the fizz of fermentation, I decided to tape a quick video of my son Nehemiah and I opening up a couple jars of lacto-fermented vegetables.  He loves the pickles!  I hope this video encourages you to preserve some of summers harvest by brine curing… lacto-fermentation.  Below you’ll also find a link to some of my recipes. 
  1. Naturally Pickled Asparagus and Green Garlic
  2. Naturally Pickled Green Beans with Radishes, Green Onions and Thyme
  3. Lacto-Fermented Pickles (new recipe coming soon!)
  4. Fermented Beets
  5. Fermented Kimchi
  6. Fermented Cortido

Have you tried your hand at naturally pickling vegetables or fruits?  I’ve been wanting to dive into chutney!  If you have any recipes of your own, please comment.  I would love to check them out πŸ™‚

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