If you’ve noticed from my header, I’m re-working my site design.  It’s a still a work in progress but something I’ve wanted to do for some time.

As much as I enjoy blogging about food (and will continue to do so) there’s so much more I wanted to start writing about.

Faith, family, and finding joy through simple living.

Hey, I’m a work in progress and I enjoy sharing what God is doing in my life 😉

My Journey to A Simple Life

Before I start on my journey know that I’m still on my path to simple living. God is still working things out in mine and my families life.

He’s leading and directing while we follow in faith.

I can’t wait to share a year or even two from now as we begin to fully understand God’s work, however, I would like to share how my life has changed for the better over the past five months.

My journey started this past October 2nd.  The day I almost lost my youngest son.

Exhausted, overwhelmed, and overworked I promised my God, that day, that I would live in the moment and be there, really be there, for my husband and children.

What does it mean to live a simple life?

Before I really felt the pain of almost losing someone so much a part of me, I felt simple living meant doing.

You know… produce more, consume less.

Living without so much dependance on anyone else but myself.  Knowing that I could nourish my own family by the use of my own hands and by filling my head with knowledge.

Wow, was I ever wrong.

Today, this is what simple living means to me.




To me, it means taking the time to enjoy the every day.  To not be worried about keeping up with the “status quo.”

To live in a manner that my family and I can live slowly in a society that moves so quickly.

To never worry about consumerism and in turn,  having a constant heart of praise for the needs God is providing.

To sum it up, for my family and I, simple living means to live, laugh, and rejoice in the moment.

Learning to Be Content

It’s really awesome to look back and see how God has used every single moment in my life to lead me onto His path.

Of course, often begrudgingly on my part as I’ve had a lack of understanding of His plan for me.

I’ve often written about my battle of trying to stay at home with my family and at the same time having to work.

In pursuit of figuring out the best way to make an income at home, I’ve often filled up my schedule to the point of exhaustion to see if I could make a go at making a career out of blogging and online design.

All the while I had been working my booty off, I neglected the fact that God has provided me with an evening teaching job which allows me to be at home with my children every single day of the week.

What more was I asking for?  Why was I working so hard when I could have spent so many more free hours with my family.

My Plan -Vs- God’s Plan

It comes down to what I thought was best for my family and I with disregard to God’s calling on my life.

For a couple years know I’ve been praying to be a full time stay at home mommy.  To not have to worry about having to come up with an income to help in supporting my family.

At the same time, my hearts desire was for a bigger home, maybe an acreage.  Room for the children to play, room for animals, room for a home office, room for a greenhouse, a sunroom, a bigger kitchen etc, etc, etc….

Yes, I was wanting…. more.

To get more, means to work more.  I started to contemplate a full time job once again.

A full time job means daycare.

Let me go back…. God has provided me with an evening teaching job which allows me to be at home with my children every single day of the week.

God has been answering my prayer of being a stay at home mommy this entire time and I failed to recognize it.

Less of Me, More of You

It’s been a difficult season for my family.  The state of the economy has hit my family financially and I don’t even want to begin to start with our medical insurance struggles.

However, God’s been providing.

As we see him unfold in the next year, I’ll continue to share our story, our testimony of faith and patience on His timing, not ours.

However, after we almost lost our son, none of the above mattered.

I could care less that we live in a 980 square foot house and that soon we’ll have three children in a two bedroom home.

It’s the perfect size for our family.

We have a wonderful sized backyard with plenty of room for playing children, a large garden and chickens.

My family loves our home.

God has given it to us and although a smaller size, (in regards to today’s averaged sized home) by living here, it’s allowing me to stay home with my children.

Isn’t God seriously awesome!

I just wish my blinders would have been unfolded a couple years ago!!

And… guess what, yup God answered another prayer.

I’m homeschooling.

It’s been my deepest desire and my son’s as well.

The blessing of spending this much time with my children, being content with where we are and living slowly in the moment has been beyond amazing,

It’s been true peace.

What Have I Learned About Living a Simple Life?

Please remember, this is my path… my journey.  Each of ours will look differently and not one way is better than another.

What I’ve learned is that simple living means so much more than just doing.  It means to live a life that is not consumed with the Joneses.  Not being consumed by wanting more… bigger and in turn having to live your life consumed in work in order to attain and keep it.  It means slowing down and enjoying every moment in life.  It means to love living and all the experiences it brings, both good and bad.  Of course gardening, urban homesteading and all of those fun crafts and homemade things go along with it.  But to never be consumed by it or anything.

So in this month I do plan on sharing posts related to the following things I’ve been learning about.

  • To not think about tomorrow but simply on today.
  • To free up our time for our family and friends.
  • To organize and de-clutter in order to prioritize and be efficient.  Printables!!!
  • To jump into the land of grown-ups and prioritize our finances. That’s right… we’re looking at being debt free, Lord willing, in the next 3-4 years!
  • To Love LIVING.
  • Simple, Real Food recipes the family will enjoy.
I also have great guest posts lined up of others sharing their story on living a simple life.

Are you on a journey to living a simple life?

Wherever you are in life, don’t settle for the materialistic things that don’t last.  True peace and His love is worth more than anything this world can provide.  Always remember that God loves you and has a plan for each of us.

Get in His word… pray, seek and He will show himself.  That’s a promise!

Are you on a journey to living a simple life?  Please feel free to share your story and struggles in the comments below.

Diana is a mother of three, proud wife, and humbled daughter of God. She finds the most joy meeting with Jesus in her organic gardens. She is completely blessed to be able to call herself a stay at home mom where she home educates her children, joyfully serves her husband, and cooks nourishing, real food, for her family. She loves connecting with people on facebook, google+, pinterest, and instagram.

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