We’ve been officially homeschooling for over 2 months.

Wow, I never thought I would say that.

If you’ve been following my blog for awhile, you know I’ve been teeter tottering on this issue for some time.

My hearts desire was to homeschool but the desire of my flesh kept telling me I didn’t have the time.

After little brothers incident, God completely confirmed that this was His path for my family.

I wanted to give you a little insight into why we started on this journey but before that please know that regardless of whether you homeschool or not, we each have a different path and plan in life and no one way is better than another.

Our Journey to Homeschool

Before big brother turned five, I wanted to homeschool my son.  Since he was two, we’ve been gardening, cooking, and taking pictures together.  He’s his dad’s little mechanic and “gopher” for all of our home projects.

Our family has been one to always include our little guys in whatever diy project we’re currently involved in.

Homeschool seemed to meld perfectly as we adore being with our children but the time and commitment seemed overwhelming.

Seriously, have you seen some of the homeschool blogs?  Oh my… one look and it turned me running in the other direction.  How did they have time for ALL of that?

Big brother turned five one day and it was time to make a decision about kindergarten.  His oldest cousin would be enrolled in our neighborhood elementary school so we decided to send our son as well.

My biggest apprehension, however, was that our entire district, the entire city of Des Moines, does not offer one half day kindergarten program.  I knew in the deepest of my hearts a full day at five years old would be too much for my son.

(I was a little upset too. Although I understand the reasoning for needing full day kindergarten for working parents, there are still parents at home that would appreciate a half day.)


On the first day of school my heart ached.  Big brother cried and didn’t want to let go of me.

I know this is normal for many kindergartners, but my son cried for two weeks.

I cried at home for two weeks.

Little brother was spending his days alone.

Big brother would come home absolutely exhausted.

One day big brother came home with a fat lip.

He was different that day.  He acted out in class so I sent him to his room as punishment.

While he cried, he muttered, “mama, I scream like a girl!”  My heart sank.

I immediately asked him, “Where did you hear that from?”

He dug his head into his pillow and didn’t want to say another word.  I pried and pried until he finally told me that a little boy in his class had been bothering him. He knocked him off a slide (where he hit his lip), throwing him to the ground and told him he screams like a girl.

Words stick with my son.  He’s compassionate and smaller than many boys his age.  This hurt him, badly.

I started to cry and we immediately went to his school to speak to his teacher and principle.

They were absolutely wonderful.  His school takes every precaution to enforce non-bullying and spoke to the little boy and his parents the very next day.

However, I was still upset that my son had to go through this at five years old.  That he had to experience bullying in kindergarten.

It was another conviction from the Holy Spirit that I needed to start praying more about homeschool.

My son was learning a lot in kindergarten.  He’s very intelligent and picks things up quickly.  He can memorize things in one day so he was excelling at school.  As happy as I was to see how much he was learning I kept my eyes on all of his paperwork he was bringing home.

After collecting his paperwork for awhile, I knew I could do this at home.

I went back to those homeschool blogs but immediately closed them.  It was too much for me at that time and I knew that if I focused on simple teachings, I could homeschool my son.

One day, after another rushed morning of trying to get big brother to eat his breakfast, change his clothes, brush his teeth and out the door before 8:10am, he broke down.

He started to cry like I’ve never seen him cry before.  I started to cry with him.

He looked me in the eyes and said, “mama, I don’t want to go to school.  I want to stay home.  I want to homeschool.”

I grabbed him and hugged him and said, “papa, starting today, you’re a homeschool boy.”

Our Family Dynamics

I like to learn at home. By: Big Brother

In slowing down and living more simply, homeschooling was the perfect fit for us.

We’re able to slow down, eat breakfast at around 8am and start our school day at around 9am.  School usually lasts a couple hours a day and we switch things up to make sure we’re having fun and playing when we need to.

Big brother still gets his naps, which he needs.

It’s been a blessing to see him learn to read, write and think.  What I love most is that the boys are learning with a biblical foundation.

It’s also been a blessing to see little brother learn along the way as well.


In two short months, he recognizes most of his abc’s, is learning his phonics, memorizes scripture, songs and has fun painting right along with big brother.

Homeschool just works for our family.  I am having the best time with my children and they are enjoying it as well.

Especially when we go out on educational trips 😉


I’ve committed one year at a time to the Lord and I’m making sure, through prayer, to not get overwhelmed and to take things slowly one day at a time.

I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. Philippians 4:13

This was how we started and how we found ourselves on our journey to homeschool.

How did you start homeschooling?

In just these past couple of months, I’ve had people ask me how did I start homeschooling?  What am I doing?  What does our day look like?

I’m obviously no pro but next week I’d like to share how we started without being overwhelmed.

It’s the most difficult thing to just start and know how to do that.  With so many philosophies, curriculum, and blogs it can be darn right SCARY.

So, next week I’ll share on how we started to homeschool… simply, all through prayer and under the Lords direction.

Nobody else’s.

It doesn’t have to be overwhelming unless we allow it to be.

Do you homeschool?  Please share any advice or tips on starting simply in the comments below.  I’d love to include them in my post next week 😉

Diana is a mother of three, proud wife, and humbled daughter of God. She finds the most joy meeting with Jesus in her organic gardens. She is completely blessed to be able to call herself a stay at home mom where she home educates her children, joyfully serves her husband, and cooks nourishing, real food, for her family. She loves connecting with people on facebook, google+, pinterest, and instagram.

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